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Dr. Freund Lectured at Pacific Retina Club

Dr. K. Bailey Freund spoke on Multimodal Imaging in the Pachychoroid Spectrum at Pacific Retina Club’s International Retinal Imaging Symposium meeting last weekend. This information aids in diagnosing and treating […]

Dr. Richard Spaide Invited to Speak at Yale Ophthalmology Spring Symposium

Dr. Richard Spaide lectured at the Yale Ophthalmology Spring Symposium/Alumni Day 2016. He spoke on Vascular Abnormalization with Periodic Antiangiogenic Therapy in Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Over the 45 year history […]

Dr. Yale Fisher Speaks at the Club Jules Gonin Meeting

Dr. Yale Fisher is speaking this week at the 30th meeting of the Club Jules Gonin in Bordeaux, France. Dr. Fisher is speaking on ophthalmic ultrasonography, including different ways of […]

Dr. K. Bailey Freund Speaks at Midwest Ocular Angiography Conference

Dr. K. Bailey Freund is moderating and speaking at the Midwest Ocular Angiography Conference in Kona, Hawaii this week. He will be speaking on optical coherence tomography revealing tangled vascular […]


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