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The group of ophthalmologists at Vitreous Retina Macula Consultants of New York are internationally known leaders in diagnosing and treating retinal diseases, known as the top New York experts and among the best-rated retina specialists in NYC. In our private practice, physicians prioritize high-quality, individualized eye care while utilizing cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. Our community’s retina doctors serve as academic leaders in the field as the most published group in major peer-reviewed journals in the U.S. They adhere to ‘best practice’ guidelines, serve as a quality benchmark, and are frequently regarded as the “best retina specialists” by their peers.

Our physicians are reviewers for the premier journals, including the Archives of Ophthalmology, Ophthalmology, Investigative Ophthalmology, and Visual Sciences, Retina, Eye, and Graefe’s Archives of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology.

Some of the awards received by our doctors are: the Michelson Award for Retinal Vascular Disease, a Distinguished Alumnus Award by Boston University, the Alcon Research Award, the Herman Wacker Award of the Club Jules Gonin, the Arthur J. Bedelle Award, the Retinal Research Award and the Gass Medal of the Retina Society, the Bietti Medal, the Pisart Award from the Lighthouse International, and the Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Patient Reviews and Testimonials

I have been seeing Dr. Engelbert at Vitreous Retina Macula Consultants since 2017. Dr. Engelbert and the staff have provided exceptional care at every visit. They are professional, kind, thorough, and thoughtful. When I have needed acute attention, they have taken the time necessary to fully assess and treat my retinas. When I am there for a routine checkup, the visits are timely and efficient. I highly recommend this wonderful team and am grateful to be under their care.

Kristin S.

From the moment you enter the office you are treated with respect from all the staff. The office operates efficiently to ensure that all patients have the time to be seen and talk with their physicians. I am very pleased with the care . Compassion and overall kindness that has been shown to me. I highly recommend this office for care. My physician is absolutely amazing. He always makes you feel that you can ask any questions and you always will get an answer

Margaret M.

One of the most professional, knowledgeable and yet friendly team of doctors and professionals in NYC. I have never had my eyes examined so thoroughly and feel so much better knowing that my eyes are in good hands. Dr Klein himself attends to almost all patients and the level of attention and care is phenomenal.

Robin G.

I have been seeing Dr. Engelbert for several years. He is smart, compassionate, and skilled. He has maintained the quality of my vision, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have been referred to him for my care.I recommend him without reservation.

David D.

Very fortunate to have found this group but especially to have found such a skilled practitioner as Dr. Engelbert. The staff has always been courteous and helpful and the office is run very efficiently...right down to the soft jazz playing in the waiting area. Thank you all for your kind service.

Norman G.

Dr.Engelbert has been seeing my employer, Mr. Khazaneh for about 2 years and he is very pleased and admires his professionalism. Along with his staff they provide excellent and exceptional care. Highly recommended!

Ria P.

I've been an extremely satisfied "Client" of this marvelous group of Optical Wizards since 2006. The care and treatment provided here is always extraordinary. Most impressive is how committed VRMC is to the ever evolving technology in the advancement of tackling Optical degeneration. I can't imagine a finer Clinic than this for treatment of my Retinal condition.

Stewart R.

Dr. Slakter and the team are the very best. They have been taking care of me for the last 15 years or so and it is really more than the outstanding medical specialty, which goes without saying. It is also the human care and personal consideration that makes me feel part of a team that really cares about me and all other patients equally!

Moses D.

Dr Sorenson and personnel at vrmny are very professional and caring. I could not be more satisfied with their attentiveness.i have patronized vrmny for four years and have not been disappointed at any time. Even through the COVID emergency the doctors and staff maintained their professionalism. I am presently recovering from surgery performed by Dr Sorenson and have absolute confidence of full and satisfactory restoration of my sight.thank you Dr Sorenson

Ernesto Z.

Dr. Freund is everything one would want in a doctor: conscientious, ethical, knowledgeable, and experienced. He is ready, able and willing to explain to you your diagnosis and treatment. He’s also very personable. Highly recommended.

John G.

Dr. Spades is a truly passionate and understanding individual, and not only it can be seen inside his place of work, but also outside as well. He would go to extreme lengths to provide the most efficient forms of treatment for his patients - he did for me regarding my condition - and his bright charm and attitude is something that can really make one’s day.

Joseph P.

Dr. Englebert has gone above and beyond every appointment! The most thorough and well educated eye Dr. I’ve seen out of many… Very patient and answers all questions for the best plan of care. Thank you!

David R.

I just love Dr. Klancnick. He is caring, but more than that, he has taken the fear out of going to my Retina doctor. I now get injections directly into my eye, and needless to say this is a scary experience. Dr. Klancnick explains everything to me about the procedure and shows me my improvement. I was so lucky to find him when I moved back to Brooklyn. As I praise him, I must also praise his kind and professional staff. They are great!!!

Jodi B.

Dr. Freundt is a dedicated, compassionate doctor who goes above and beyond. Great medical office, wonderful and warm experience from start to finish. I am grateful to be under their care.

Debra H.

Absolutely the most professional compassionate and caring doctor and Staff anyone could ask for. I recently had a retinal detachment and the doctor performed a miracle, restoring my vision beyond my expectation. I am forever grateful to Dr. Engelbert and the entire staff.

Marry S.

Considering the importance of vision and the numerous serious diseases which pose a life changing threat, there is no room for error. The finest eye specialists in the country are found at VRMCNY. I have been a patient there for decades and have been seen by several doctors. They define the meaning of expert and consult with one another to ensure accuracy. The office is spotless. The staff is courteous and professional. The visits are usually time consuming due to the necessity of imaging and a preliminary exam with a technician before seeing the specialist. I consider myself fortunate and am very grateful to be a patient there.

Renee B.

Wonderful. The staff is great . No one surpasses DrYale Fisher. He’s a patients Doc not just a doctor’s doctor. He’s caring, kind and patiently explains all questions. I look forward to my visits.

Janice M.

Dr. Klein is an amazing physician and always takes the time to explain all testing and procedures throughly. The staff reflects his professionalism and thoughtful care!

Kenneth C.

The last time I came to this practice was three years ago. Wait time to see my doctor was over twio hours. Moved from wait room to wait room after each procedure. Spent three and a half hours at the practice. My latest appointment went quicker.. Seemed more organized was out in two hours. The one waiting room was less confusing,.

Carole R.

The staff from entry to sitting and discussing with Dr. Klancnik, are excellent. Dr. Klancnik is so clear with everything and so attentive to my questions and concerns. So glad I found him years ago..... Friendliest and most professional each and everyone of them..from beginning to end..

Theresa L.

Dr.Barbazetto is a wonderful physician. She is very caring and compassionate. I feel I made the best decision by selecting her to care for my vision.

Jean O.

Dr. Freund Bailey is an extremely knowledgable and very articulate ophthalmologist. He really took the time with my peculiar case which was actually a neurological issue that was causing my compromised vision. He was definitive in his analysis, went over the scans with me and explained why this could not be retina related. He suggested I look into other reason why this could be happening. He was the third Ophthalmologist I had seen and like they say "Third time is a charm?". Thank you Dr. Freund!

Saif A.

I came to Dr.Spaide and vrmcny with complications due to diabetes , he definitely gave me the right honest advice and the appropriate medical attention needed. He saved my vision for sure. Would recommend with my eyes closed, no pun intended.

Navi N.

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