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Laser Surgeries

No longer a new trend, laser eye surgeries have been performed since the 1960s. Of course, today’s medical-grade laser devices are safer and easy to manage. The eye surgeons at Vitreous Retina Macula Consultants of New York are trained and experienced in the many different kinds of laser treatment for eyes. These ophthalmologists, the best laser eye surgery doctors you can find, first come to an accurate diagnosis before deciding if laser eye surgery is the most appropriate treatment for you. Call the practice today to discover if a laser surgery for your eyes can improve your vision.

What Is Laser Surgery for the Eye?

Light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation — which is what the acronym LASER stands for — is one of the most effective, most advanced techniques in eye treatment. Eye doctors today use laser surgery to treat a wide range of eye disorders and diseases. Through the use of a medically safe light beam, your eye doctor can perform different procedures and correct or protect your vision.

Laser Surgeries

Since the 1960s, laser technology has emerged as the gold standard in eye treatment. Over the years, laser modifications have permitted more precise eye treatments through minimally invasive, in-office, outpatient procedures. Today, the best laser eye doctors treat the most complex eye conditions aided by state-of-the-art laser devices, eliminating the need to use a scalpel. Additionally, recovery from laser treatment for your eyes is faster.

Whatever your eye problem, the top ophthalmologists or retina specialists at Vitreous Retina Macula Consultants of New York (VRMNY) accurately diagnose your condition and then treat it through a range of procedures, including laser surgeries. The eye specialists at VRMNY leverage advanced laser procedures for the most successful treatment outcomes.

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Considering the importance of vision and the numerous serious diseases which pose a life changing threat, there is no room for error. The finest eye specialists in the country are found at VRMCNY. I have been a patient there for decades and have been seen by several doctors. They define the meaning of expert and consult with one another to ensure accuracy. The office is spotless. The staff is courteous and professional. The visits are usually time consuming due to the necessity of imaging and a preliminary exam with a technician before seeing the specialist. I consider myself fortunate and am very grateful to be a patient there.

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What Conditions Does Laser Eye Surgery Treat?

Poor eyesight from a medical condition makes it difficult to do your work or even complete normal daily activities. Your eyes are vulnerable to a wide range of diseases, injuries and complications. That’s why you need the best laser eye doctors in New York City. They use the latest laser technology to treat such eye conditions as:

  • Myopia or nearsightedness. If you have a refractive error that causes vision problems, such as an inability to see faraway objects clearly, laser surgery corrects the problem. Through LASIK surgery and other procedures, your doctor adjusts your cornea to improve your nearsightedness.
  • Hyperopia or farsightedness. If you can see objects farther away clearly, but those near you are blurry, perhaps laser eyes treatment is for you. The surgery corrects the shape of your cornea to ensure light focuses properly on your retina and not behind it, the issue behind hyperopia.
  • Astigmatism. If your vision gets blurry when you look at nearby objects and those at a distance, it’s possible you need laser eye surgery for astigmatism. This refractive error occurs if you have an abnormally-shaped cornea or lens. Through laser surgery, your eye doctor corrects the issue, leading to clearer vision.
  • Macular degeneration. Age-related macular degeneration causes blurred vision because of a damaged macula. The macula enables sharp, clear, detailed vision. When it’s damaged; it can threaten your vision permanently. Advanced laser therapy may be able to treat the condition.

The best laser eye surgery doctors treat underlying eye conditions with laser technology. These ophthalmologists have the specialized skills, training and equipment to treat your vision problems. At VRMNY, internationally-renowned eye doctors take care of you.

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What Types of Eye Laser Surgery Are Available?

Medical researchers, including those on staff at VRMNY, continue to refine laser eye treatments for the best results. Your eye doctor can choose from a range of laser surgeries, depending on your particular condition. Your eye doctor tailors the laser procedure to suit you. The types of laser eye surgery include:

  • Panretinal photocoagulation. This laser procedure treats diseased or abnormal blood vessels in your retina or in the drainage system of your eye. Removing these blood vessels prevents eye complications, such as vitreous hemorrhage, scarring and neovascular glaucoma. These conditions cause eye pain and hamper your vision. If untreated, the disorder can lead to a retinal detachment or a blockage of fluid inside your eye, a condition called retinal vein occlusion that may lead to glaucoma.
  • Photodynamic therapy (PDT). PDT is a laser treatment for eyes that combines photosensitizing agents and a laser light treatment. The light activates the medication, which acts to kill abnormal cells. Eye doctors now use PDT to treat vascular issues in the retina.
  • Cryotherapy. Eye doctors sometimes use extreme cold to freeze and remove abnormal tissue in your eyelids or eyes. The destruction of the abnormal tissue in the eye happens through ischemia and necrosis. Doctors may also use this treatment in combination with other eye surgeries.
  • Focal laser technique. If there’s a blood leak or fluid build-up in your retina, the focal laser technique provides an effective solution. Eye doctors use this procedure to seal leaking vessels or treat abnormalities in your eye’s blood vessels.
  • YAG capsulotomy. A yttrium aluminum garnet or YAG capsulotomy is a laser procedure for treating secondary cataracts, also called posterior capsule opacity, which is a common complication of cataract surgery. The YAG capsulotomy is a fast, simple and effective procedure to remove the affected lens and replace it with an artificial lens.
  • Iridotomy. Laser iridotomy is a procedure to surgically treat closed-angle glaucoma. Your eye doctor creates a small hole in your iris to allow fluid to flow to the front of your eye. The goal of the procedure is to relieve the pressure in your eye and reduce the pain.
  • Prophylactic laser technique. This is an advanced procedure to prevent retinal detachment after another surgical procedure to treat vitreoretinal disorders. The laser light improves the retinal adhesion to the back wall of your eye.
  • Indirect laser technique. An advanced form of eye treatment, this technique allows your doctor to treat different eye diseases with a thermal or hot laser. A laser indirect ophthalmoscope helps your doctor get the best view of the periphery of your eye. Conditions treated using this technique include retina tears, holes, retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy and retinopathy of prematurity.

VRMNY has three locations in Manhattan, Westchester and Brooklyn. Each office is outfitted with state-of-the-art medical laser technology. Your ophthalmologist has experience performing these laser surgeries. Contact us to find a top laser eye surgeon today for vision-saving laser surgery.

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