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Focal Laser Eye Surgery

When you experience fluid build-up in one or both eyes or you feel like your eyes are swollen, it’s possible that you have a condition that can be repaired with focal laser eye surgery. Ignore either of these symptoms, and you may be in danger of losing your eyesight altogether. The procedure is painless and simple to do for the experienced ophthalmologists at Vitreous Retina Macular Consultants of New York. With three New York locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Westchester, the doctors at VRMNY eye center are well-respected, highly skilled practitioners with years of experience treating fluid build-up and other eye diseases for everyone in your family. Don’t take any chances; the earlier you seek treatment, the better your odds of enjoying a full recovery. Call to today for an appointment.

What Is a Focal Laser?

Focal laser eye treatment is a form of laser eye surgery that may be done to treat macular edema, which is swelling of the center of your retina. Fluid buildup inside the eye may develop because of damage to blood vessels in your eye from retinal occlusions, which are blocked blood vessels. Occlusions often occur because of conditions like diabetes. Focal laser treatment is also called photocoagulation.

Focal Laser Eye Surgery

If fluid build-up and macular swelling in the eye go untreated, the photoreceptors can become damaged, leading to permanent vision loss. Since you’re facing possible vision loss, you need to obtain an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Turn to the best laser eye surgery doctors at Vitreous Retina Macular Consultants of New York (VRMNY).


Dr. Spades is a truly passionate and understanding individual

Dr. Spades is a truly passionate and understanding individual, and not only it can be seen inside his place of work, but also outside as well. He would go to extreme lengths to provide the most efficient forms of treatment for his patients - he did for me regarding my condition - and his bright charm and attitude is something that can really make one’s day.

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What Conditions Benefit from Focal Laser Eye Treatment?

Your experienced ophthalmologist performs focal laser eye treatment using a laser to seal leaky blood vessels and create a microscopic scar. This allows the remaining fluid to be reabsorbed into the eye. Some conditions that may benefit from using this form of laser surgery include:

  • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD). There are two types of AMD: wet and dry. Focal laser eye surgery is used to treat wet AMD in cases where there’s abnormal blood vessel growth or when abnormal blood vessels cluster tightly together.
  • Diabetic retinopathy. Too much sugar in the blood can lead to the blockage of blood vessels, which cuts off the blood supply. The eye attempts to grow new blood vessels, but these new vessels don’t develop properly and may leak.
Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

Your NYC ophthalmologist at VRMNY determines if this procedure is the best form of treatment for your condition following a thorough medical history, diagnostic imaging and various other eye exams. Focal laser is an outpatient, in-office procedure that’s done to prevent a progressive decline in your vision, rather than to restore your vision and improve your eyesight.

What Happens During Focal Laser Ablation?

During focal laser ablation, the abnormal blood vessels in your eye are sealed by the heat generated from the laser. The laser vaporizes fluid in the area as tissues in the retina become thinner. After this procedure, you must arrange for someone to be with you to drive you home. On the day of the procedure:

  • You may be given eyedrops or a local anesthesia to help prevent discomfort.
  • The eye being treated is dilated.
  • A contact lens is placed on your cornea to keep your eye still.
  • You sit at a machine similar to the one used in eye exams with your forehead against the headrest and your chin resting in the chin rest.
  • You see flashes of light as the laser is directed at blood vessels in the retina.

Focal laser eye treatment may be accompanied by an intravitreal injection of anti-vascular endothelial growth factor to reduce any swelling. If you have problems with both eyes, usually only one eye is done at a time, and you’ll probably need more than one treatment in each eye. Treatments usually are scheduled a few weeks apart.

What Can I Expect After a Focal Laser Eye Treatment?

When you have focal laser eye treatment, you’re in and out of the office in less than an hour. Some things you can expect after treatment include:

  • Your eye may be covered temporarily.
  • You may have some soreness, but it’s relieved with over-the-counter pain relief medications.
  • Your vision may be blurry for a few days.

You’ll be able to resume normal activities immediately, although you can’t drive or plan to do close work until the blurriness subsides. Let your ophthalmologist know right away if you have rare side effects such as:

  • Worsening pain
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Reduced vision

What Are the Risks of Focal Laser Eye Surgery?

Focal laser is a safe procedure with very few complications. The most common side effect of focal laser eye surgery is the appearance of spots in your field of vision. For most people, this is a temporary problem, but there’s a slim chance you may experience it longer. Other possible complications include:

  • Bleeding in the eye
  • Additional vision loss
  • Reduced night vision

The risk of complications varies based on your age and general health. You can greatly reduce your chances of complications, however, by relying on an experienced, reputable and highly skilled eye surgeon. When you visit VRMNY for your laser eye surgery needs, you get the best eye doctor, one who’s a leader in the field of ophthalmology.

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Where Can I Find the Best Laser Eye Doctor in NYC?

If you’re looking for laser eye treatment, visit New York’s top ophthalmologists and retina specialists at VRMNY, the largest ophthalmology and retina practice in the New York Metropolitan area. These award-winning physicians have been trained at some of the finest institutions and offer experience in the eye care field that’s second to none.

VRMNY is staffed with the most well-respected specialists in the region. You can find a wide range of medical eye procedures offered at this practice, including:

Offices are conveniently located in Brooklyn, Westchester and Manhattan. Contact VRMNY today with any questions you may have or to schedule a consultation.

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